Ground Floor

"Rhapsody Room"

"Rhapsody Room"

Main downstairs hall, with a proscenium arch and stage. Equipped with full audio visual equipment and stage curtains, ideal for parties, functions, faith groups, activity groups or large meetings. The halls capacity is 90 people seated or 120 people standing with direct disability access from the side door and easy access to the kitchen and disability accessible toilet. Use of the halls tables and chairs are included in any hire. Regular groups are welcome at preferential community group rates and storage is available if required.


Dimensions: 15 meters length (Hall 12m & Stage 3m) x 7.5 meters width

Equipment for additional hire: Audio system with USB connectivity & CD, speakers, microphones, stage lighting system, flipcharts, projector with extra-large whiteboard/projector screen (dimensions 1.5m x 2.6m)

Go-Pak tables 69cms width x 182cms length x 70cms height (included in hire)

Circular function tables 166cms diameter x 70cms height (included in hire)

Function chairs (included in hire)