March 2014 – Three artists – Nadia Imtiaz, Anwar Siddiqui, Barry Lyndon

Nadia Imtiaz

Nadia Imtiaz

Anwar Siddiqui

Anwar Siddiqui

Barry Lyndon

Barry Lyndon

All three are local artists with distinctive and very different approaches to their art. Both Nadia Imtiaz and Anwar Siddiqui were prize winners in last year’s thinkarts! New Dawn competition which resulted in their work being exhibited at Southbank’s Southwark Cathedral. Nadia’s impressionist style contrasts pieces redolent with dark and brooding images with landscapes; Anwar’s work contains haunting images of disability; lastly Barry uses collage to document his spiritual experience.

Summer 2013 – Exhibition space refurbished and expanded

September 2013/February 2014 – Gallery relaunched with work by Liam Hassan-Beserekumo

Liam Hassan-Beserekumo

Liam Hassan-Beserekumo

Liam creates semi-abstract paintings that derive from his own unique interpretation of things he encounters or finds in his imagination. The inspiration for his paintings originate from other imagery, bright colours, pattern, other abstract art and African art. Liam prefers to create a feeling of the subject in the viewer and leave it to each individual to form their own interpretation of what the painting means to them.

2012 – Ubuntu exhibition

Unfortunately no narrative or photos

October/November 2011 – E17 Arts Trail

Paris Shah (December 2011/January 2012)

Paraskevoula Shah

Paris Shah lives in Leyton and has been a resident of Waltham Forest for 15 years. Previously exhibiting at the E17 Arts Trail, the 491 Gallery and at London City Airport, she uses recycled materials to create pieces ranging from traditional still lifes, through collages to intriguing and disturbing abstract pieces. At the time working as a tutor with the borough’s Community Learning and Skills Service, Paris works with local learners to stretch their understanding and appreciation of art.

“Working with unconventional disposable materials like twigs, candle wax, or Tippex really frees people up to express themselves – you just don’t worry about making a mistake when using things our throwaway society sees of no value. And yet people can create something really new, exciting and stimulating from the old.”


August 2011 — Foyer Gallery Opens in Central Walthamstow

Great opportunity for Waltham Forest artists, local charity CREST has made available the foyer area at its Harmony Hall centre, just off Walthamstow High Street, as space for local artists to showcase their work. The Foyer Gallery has been launched with an exhibition of the work of local photographer, Alan McGrath, entitled “Vignettes and Two Stills in Search of a Movie”. Alan McGrath has lived in the borough for many years, he has chosen to display 23 pieces.

For the autumn, the Foyer Gallery is planning to display the work of three other local artists linking in with the E17 Art Trail.

August/September 2011 — Vignettes and Two Stills in Search of a Movie – Alan McGrath

Alan McGrath


An exhibition of the work of Alan McGrath. Alan McGrath is a local painter and photographer who has lived in Waltham Forest for many years. His photography is a first notional step towards a concept of cinema. Alan’s photographs are not computer manipulated in any way. Alan says of his work:

“A wish accompanying all potential photos is one of weather/light conditions meeting the object at a particular time, enhancing the ordinary (if it exists) to a state of extra-ordinary.

A prism such as glass may, in one brief moment, emote a universe of cinematic images. Because of this phenomena, in large part, the series ‘Vignettes’ and ‘Two stills in search of a movie’ found their cues to begin.”

For further information, phone Alan McGrath on 07514 920816